I feel bad recently because after I did some extensive research on many low cost windows platform web hosting service providers, most of the results are disappointed. I am surprised to see some companies have so many complaints out there on the net, but if you just go to their home page, everything looks so promising. On the up side, I am glad I did those research because those really made me see the real winner. On the down side, those bad business practice just make me sick. What about those people who do not know much about hosting, those people did not do, or were not able to do such research as I did to find out which one is good or which one is bad. They will get ripped off easily by those bad companies. Well, anyhow, I hope my post could help some of you who is looking for a solid decent web hosting provider.

In summary, I do NOT recommend EasyCGI.com. I am not saying EasyCGI is bad, or doing bad stuff to their customers. I do not recommend EasyCGI simply because they are not good enough. We know web hosting industry is a very competitive market. If you are as good as other players, why people choose you? Plus, I see many people report 10% – 15% downtime from EasyCGI. Any downtime percentage over 10% is an immediately red flag when you are searching for a web hosting company. That is the main reason I can not recommend EasyCGI. Other than that, their other service is actually pretty decent. Their customer service is quite helpful too.

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The following are EasyCGI.com clients’ reviews. Based on those reviews, our short conclusion is:

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EasyCGI.com Web Hosting Clients’ Reviews

EasyCGI: good customer service

EasyCGI has a very good customer service. I asked questions by e-mail on the weekend and got several replies. They also have a toll free number 7 days a week (that is new). But only from 9 till 5. The help files on their web site are useless but if you know what you are doing this should not be a problem. As I wrote, their customer service is the best – once I had a problem with MS SQL Server database. But they worked it out very quickly.

The only downside to EasyCGI is their lack of unique features (e-commerce, promotional, etc.)

In conclusion, I should say that EasyCGI have good database support, excellent customer service and fair prices. Thats why we r planning to host our site with them in the future.

By Kendall Jones at April 12nd 2011

Very Satisfied Customer

EasyCGI has incredible connectivity and speed of data maintenance. It’s not so simple to get across such level of professional integrity as EasyCGI features.

Also EasyCGI support is extremely good. They help me figure out problems with my coding, and they know what they are talking about thus they have the most friendly customer support team I have ever dealt with. The prices seem very good considering all the programs they do offer. A nice thing is that EasyCGI supports lots of databases (MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC).

They had no noticeable downtime, or dips in speed. In my experience, this past 2 years the network has performed very well. I highly recommend them as a hosting company.

By Joan Exner March 16th 2011

Too many outages.

I have a simple web page, basically for blog purpose. The site speed is usually ok, not very good. But recently, all of sudden I have many outage. I called their tech support and was told they just upgraded some software on their side which might cause outage, and they were working on it. But now it has been a week and the problem is still there. I am thinking about moving if they can not fix the problem.

By Mark Jan 13rd 2011

Not happy with EasyCGI, Cancelled after 3 years.

Too much down time,very disappointed, can’t run online business if website is constantly down, reliability is most important cancelled their service after 3 years

By John Nov 4th 2010

EasyCGI is one of the best web hosting companies I have ever used.

Easy CGI has been one of the best web hosting companies I have ever used. Pricing is good for a budget host, and there doesn’t appear to be any hidden things they will make u to buy.

I have hardly experienced any problems with them at all – no crashes, no downtime, and they are always helpful if I ever have a question about any scripting issues, or any of the coding I have used on my site. Easy CGI customer support is awesome – whenever I call, someone always answers the phone almost immediately. The people are very friendly, and helpful, and will do whatever they can to help you with your problem.

There’re no separate billing systems – the billing functions are straight forward, easy-to-update, and simple enough. One can add/remove services, upgrade plans/features, view invoices, etc. all from the control panel. From what I observed, everything seems pretty conventional with the Easy CGI.

By Evan Stewart Oct 10th 2010

Use to be excellent, now terrible. Find a different company..

I have used EasyCGI for years. They use to be an excellent company with great customer service, a fast server (with fast upload), easy to use control panel until. Now they have horrible customer service (super long phone waits, and customer service doesn’t know what they are talking about and often refer you to other tech people), they push their online customer help where the service is even more confusing and lacks even the most basic knowledge. There server has become painful slow in teh last couple years and it often takes a minute to upload something as small as a JPEG, plus they no longer allow multiple uploads of files (now you have to do each file one-by-one), and their new control panel is difficult to use and poorly designed. This is what happens when a great company turns into a company that is only about the bottom line. It seems when they moved from California to Arizona is when everything changed for the worse.

By Charles July 8th 2010