GoDaddy web hosting overall is not as good as HostGator on Linux Hosting. But on windows hosting, GoDaddy is still the #1 and GoDaddy is the biggest domain registration company as well. Here is GoDaddy’s latest ongoing Deals & Coupons.
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I am an ASP.NET programmer and I have been using GoDaddy to host my ASP.NET website for almost 3 years. I saw many people were asking "Is GoDaddy hosting good?". Overall, my experience is so far so good. There have been several times I had to contact their tech support because my needs some special file access privilege. It did take a while, but they made the change for me. So according to my experience, if you need a windows platform hosting provider, especially if you need asp, or support, GoDaddy is definitely a decent choice. If you check our Windows Web Hosting Compare Table, you can see GoDaddy has the best price for windows hosting. However, if you need a Lunix/Unix platform hosting, then I would not recommend GoDaddy. Simply because their Linux hosting service is not as good as their windows hosting service. Check out Low Cost Linux Web Hosting Compare table, you can see several good ones, such as Hostgagor, FatCow, iPage.

Also, there are some other Pros and Cons you need to know before you decide to go with GoDaddy. If you need more comprehensive compare, check out the following two links:

Low Cost Linux Web Hosting Compare Table

Low Cost Windows Web Hosting Compare Table

GoDaddy Web Hosting Reviews:


Very Good Domain Registration Service is the largest domain registration service provider in US, actually in the world. Their domain registration service is very professional and reliable. From the review at the end of this post, you can see some people having over 200+ domains with them for years without any problem. Their domain normally cost around $8.99. But normally they have all types sales all year long. You could even get a domain for as littler as $0.99, unbeatable.

Affordable Price

GoDaddy’s economy plan cost as little as $4.99 per month. That is the cheapest windows hosting plan I’ve seen so far. It has all the basic features you need. It provides the latest .net framework and one SQL Server database. 10G MySQL and unlimited email address. That is enough for a small and mid-size website. If you need to host a high volume traffic site, then I would recommend you to get a more expensive plan.

Support Microsft ASP.NET

That is actually the main reason I use GoDaddy. I am a .net programmer so I have to have a hosting plan support ASP.NET. And most of my sites are small sites, not big sites. I found out GoDaddy works the best for me.

Well-known Company

Everyone knows GoDaddy as either a domain register or a hosting company. Or at least you know the famous NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. When you are looking for a web host provider, you want to get a well-known, well-established company such as GoDaddy. They have been in domain registration and web hosting business since 1997. In such a competitive web hosting industry, it is always a better idea to put your business in big guy’s hand instead of some small companies which might have better price but they could disappear any time.

Discount Codes

GoDaddy has all types of sales all year long. You can easily find a lot of discount code for both domain and web hosting plans. Here are several ones you can use:

GoDaddy Coupons For Domains

FAN3 – 35% off .COM $7.49 domain names
DOTCO1099 – $10.99 .CO domain which is usually $30, 65% Off
FAN749 – 50% off .ORG domain names ($7.49 each)
YES749 – $7.49 .NET domain names
GAM749 – $7.49 .BIZ domain names
SPN1 – 10% off any order
MIN1 – 10% off .CO domains
SPN2 – $5 off an order of $30 or more
HITCH2 – $5 off an order of $30 or more & .TV Domains

GoDaddy Coupons For Hosting:
RUSH20 – 20% off a 1yr or greater hosting plan
MIN1 – 10% off a month to month plan


More restriction than others

Many people reported that GoDaddy has some restrictions on their hosting plans. For example, you can not connect to your database remotely. I think there are two sides for this restriction. The downside is, if you are a programmer like me, that is really inconvenient if I can not connect to the database. A lot of times, I need to debug into the code with real data in order to find out some problems. If I can not connect to the database remotely, it will make the debugging a lot harder. But on the other side, disabling remote connection will make your data more secure and avoid a lot of unnecessary traffic to those shared severs. Remember, they are shared servers which mean your site share the same server, fixed amount of bandwidth with others. If I open a lot of remote connection to that server, you will get less server resource and less bandwidth, apparently, you will not be happy. So if you do need some special feature, better to ask them first to make sure their plan does meet your requirements.

Control panel is not easy for beginners

I know exactly why GoDaddy have such complaints. I have been with them for over 3 years, but sometimes, I still get confused. Be honest, their control panel is pretty powerful. You can get everything you need there. But the problem is, they keep changing around, or should I say they keep "upgrading" their control panel? Normally it is going to take a while for me to get familiar again.


So, as I said at the very beginning, if you want a windows web hosting, such as ASP.NET or ASP hosting, GoDaddy definitely is the company you should choose. If you want a Linux web hosting, then you should chooseHostGator,FatCow or iPage. For reviews aboutHostGator,FatCow or iPage, check out the following posts:

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GoDaddy Customer Complaints and Reviews

Glad to switch to

I’ve been hosting my sites with GoDaddy for a few years. I switched over from JustHost and I’m glad I did. I like their domain and hosting manager, it’s much better than JustHost. GoDaddy is relatively easy to use, at least if you know what you’re doing, but I would like a little more freedom with their shared hosting plans. Their prices are fair and affordable sure there are cheaper hosts out there but you get what you pay for. They’re servers are in the US and not overseas somewhere. Overall I’m very happy with GoDaddy.

Melissa M. UNITED STATES wrote on April 3, 2011


GoDaddy, great web site hosting provider

GoDaddy is a great website host. They provide me with everything I need. The domains are affordable ranging from about $1.95 to $19.95 a year. I host 2 websites with them and i don’t believe i have ever experienced a problem. They are also a pretty well-known company which makes them a bit more reliable.

Jarrett Willoughby UNITED STATES wrote on March 18, 2011


Great Domain Registration Service, Customer Server Needs Improve

GoDaddy is a great hosting website although their customer support is a little bit laid back and not as positive as many other sites. Their domain registration is really great and reliable. The prices are extremely cheap and would go accordingly with anyone’s budget plan, I recommend GoDaddy to any novice new customer.
The control panel is a little hard to understand but with some tutorials that are posted can be taught pretty quick. In conclusion you should consider GoDaddy for fast and reliable highspeed hosting!

John Mac CANADA wrote on March 4, 2011


Good Service and Extremely Cheap Price

Godaddy has extremely cheap prices on basically all of their products. Domain names cost between $1 and $10 a year, depending on which one you buy. They have a lot of confusing offers and promotions as you try to check out, but I just skipped through them. I could not find a cheaper offer anywhere else. In fact, most previous hosts I’ve used have charged my $20-$40 per year for one domain name! On another note, I have never had any downtime or issues with Godaddy, and my support requests were answered within a few days. The hosting is also quite cheap and has a fair amount of features, space, and bandwidth. The domain names also come with free email accounts, which I found quite useful to set up a professional support system for my site. As a website newbie, I found the control panel very easy to navigate through. Everything is explained in plain English and there is a great FAQ section for help. I mainly use Godaddy for domain names, which I sometimes host with them and sometimes use another host, like a free host if I;m just experimenting. After purchasing my domain it was up and running within 10 minutes, and one hour after setting up the nameservers on my other host I was done. I went into it not knowing what a nameserver even was but within five minutes I figured out how to set it all up. Overall, Godaddy has a slightly confusing site with a lot of distracting offers or promotions on it, but they are my favorite for hosting and buying domains. It is best suited for people new to creating a website or someone who is on a budget. You really can not get a cheaper host then them, unless you go free. Plus, you have to love their commercials.

Tanner UNITED STATES wrote on February 27, 2010


Recommend for small to mid size websites, not recommend for big websties

I use GoDaddy to host some smaller websites I run and overall the hosting is average. If you have a big website that gets a lot of traffic, I would probably look somewhere else for hosting as there has been some downtime with GoDaddy as well as website lags. The interface to control your domains, hosting, and email is kinda annoying at first and it might take you a while to get used to it if you’ve never had website hosting before, but it’s a pretty standard run of the mill hosting interface. GoDaddy’s customer support is great and they will usually get back to you pretty quickly if you are having trouble with something, so that is a plus for hosting at GoDaddy and you will speak to someone who speaks English. The prices at GoDaddy can’t be beat as far as hosting goes and a lot of times they will offer a coupon that will give you a pretty big discount so be on the look out for one. Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap host for a smaller website, I would say that GoDaddy would be a good choice for your hosting needs. If you want to host a large website with a ton of traffic, you might want to look elsewhere. For my needs though, GoDaddy is fine.

Aaron Spiess UNITED STATES wrote on February 17, 2010


Work Great, Highly Recommend

I’ve been using godaddy for my website for quite some time now. Their services are really great. They have reliable hosting at one of the cheapest prices you’ll be able to find on the web. If you look around, you’ll be able to find some coupons online to lower the price even further. Over the last few years, I’ve only had to contact their customer support once, and they responded quickly and very professionally. GoDaddy is highly recommended!

Alexei Gousev UNITED STATES wrote on February 17, 2010


Outstanding service and fast customer service

GoDaddy has been excellent over the years of serving people. As a rookie in this website thing, I can’t avoid to have technical problems and GoDaddy’s support were acting quick! They have a variety of customer service contact methods; including on-line issue reports that are acted on relatively immediately. GoDaddy’s online host interface is a breeze to opperate and offers decent web stat detail for those who whish to analyze traffic to their website. I am pleased with they’re service to date and would recommend them if asked.

Evelyn CZECH REPUBLIC wrote on February 16, 2010


Control Panel is not easy for beginners

GoDaddy.Com, name the first time I heard the best hosting providers today, both in terms of good quality servers, access speeds are pretty good for asia region and a friendly customer support and responsiveness.

until today when someone called GoDaddy, will all be beroikir that it is the best provider.

but there is one thing that makes me hard to hosting here. because the price they offer hosting for a small class is very expensive (I think). maybe it was because the service they gave me is not cheap so they offer a fairly high price.

and also those rules should apply hosting for 1 year full contract, I thought it was a burden to me. should be if they require to contract for 1 full year, they provide a trial period for their potential clients to try before hosting them.

after all, in terms of useability GoDaddy.Com panel, for a beginner like me, it was very confusing.

The first time I use my GoDaddy really bother about the use of each button on their panel, until I finally understood by itself over time.

my advice, they should reduce rates now hosting them separately, because it has many emerging provider that offers quality is also good servers and the best service and prices more affordable for blogger or webmaster like me.

Harwindra Nala INDONESIA wrote on December 29, 2009


GoDaddy: Reliable Service and Recommended

I have over 200 domains registered with GoDaddy and I find them to be a very reliable domain registrar. They have a good management system if you have only a few domains, but it seems a little lack when you have to manage over 100 domains. They have always replied to my tech support request within 48 hours and there prices are unbeatable, so I choose them for all my domain registration needs.

Steven UNITED STATES on March 29, 2009


Pretty satisfied in my 2 years with GoDaddy

I’m not a veteran like most here, however I have been with GoDaddy for 2 years and I’m satisfied with it. I guess once the setup is done, I’ve never been bothered with them. Maybe if you are looking for a bit more control (like others suggested) they ‘probably’ aren’t worth it as others suggested, however I am satisfied with them (then again, I haven’t used any others either.)
As for stats program, I was using godaddy. They do charge money and then I started using Google’s free web statistics, pretty good I might add (no pun intended) .
Best of luck.

Ruby UNITED STATES on June 29, 2008