Hostgator 1 Cent Hosting Plan

I have been with for almost 5 years now. Many friends asked me about good web hosting recommendation. So far, Hostgator is always my top web hosting recommendation because from my own experience, Hostgator is the best UNIX/PHP web hosting company I’ve ever had. Why? I won’t go through all plan details about Hostgator since they have a very detailed plan & plan comparison table on their website which is more official, secondly, nowadays the software used by web hosting industry are quite standardized. They are all using the same software, same platform which provide pretty much the same features. What really makes Hostgator better than others is their customer service. Let me share several incidents I had with them so you know what I am talking about.

Hostgator order process is fast and secure

When you place an order from their website, make sure to put a valid phone number in order form. Because they will call you to verify this order before they process it. Expect them to call you in 5 or 10 minutes after you place your order. Once your order is processed, you will be able to log in and start building your site right away. This whole process only took 15 minutes for me. It might take longer for other people, but overall, they are very fast to get everything set up for you.

Hostgator customer service staff is very professional

Professional, that is one of the most important reason I like about Hostgator. Most of those web hosting companies provide online chatting, email and phone 24×7. But the problem is, when you ask questions or have problems, it takes forever for them to get back to you or get problem fixed for you. Hostgator is different. They will get back to you fast and get right into the problem. I remember the first time when I had a Hostgator account; I wanted to configure my WordPress to a multiple sub domain blog sites. However, I messed up the config file. I called them up, in 30 minutes, their support guy Eric not only restored the original config file for me, but also helped me step by step to make the correct configuration for me. Can you imagine? No wondering they are hosting over 5,000,000 domains now.

Another incident is one time I changed my domain from my domain registration company and I want to use the new domain for my Hostgator hosting plan. I changed the name server but it did not work. So I called Hostgator to see if they can figure out why. I cannot remember the lady’s name, but she was very polite and patient. She went through all steps with me and did not see anything wrong either. Then she said she might need to ask another technician and will get back to me as soon as possible. In 20 minutes, she called me back and told me the problem was actually in my registration company. She had called the registration company and had them fix the problem already. I tried the new domain and it worked. I bet if it was other company, they would just tell me, “hey, the problem is not us, call your registration company”.

Hostgator price is very affordable

Right now they have 3 plans: Hatchling Plan started $3.96 per month, Baby Plan started as $6.36 per month. Business Plan starting as $10.36 per month. For most of us, I would think you don’t need Business Plan. You will need to choose between Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan. Basically, the difference is: Hatchling Plan only supports one single domain. However Baby Plan support unlimited domains which means you can have unlimited domains hosted on this single hosting plan. Remember, domain and hosting are two different things. To decide either you should choose Hatchling plan or Baby plan, if you just want to set up a personal blog, then go with Hatchling Plan. If you want to start multiple blog, or for CPA purpose, then you should choose Baby Plan. But as you can see, either plan, the price is very low and hard to beat it. Plus, you can always find some coupons when you buy.

There are several Hostgator coupons I see from some websites. Hopefully they are still working.