I have been with FatCow for quite a while, close to 2 years. Originally, I was with HostMoster. But because not able to get much help from HostMonster after having some website outage issue, I moved to FatCow which is another better web hosting company. I think probably the reason is I reached their some type of resource limitation even though I had unlimited plan. After I switched to FatCow, everything works great since then, especially with their low cost. But about one month ago, I found out web hosting company iPage actually is the same as FatCow and most of the time, iPage actually offers even cheaper plan. So, I started to search whether iPage is as good as FatCow and if there are any complains about iPage web hosting.

iPage has nothing to do with Apple

One funny complain I saw online is, some people signed up with iPage because they had thought iPage is an Apple’s product, like their other products many people have: iPod, iPhone, or iPad. No, big no. iPage as a web hosting company has been in web hosting business since 1998. They just happen to have an “i” in their name. They really have nothing to do with Apple.

iPage is FatCow

I don’t know why they have two brands, but basically, they are the same company. FatCow provides a very decent web hosting company based on my own two years experience. And during my search, it seems iPage provides pretty much identical service as FatCow. Most of iPage web hosting service reviews are positive. But, there are several types of complains I found.

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iPage sometimes experiences down time

Some people experienced downtime from iPage web hosting, especially for those website having heavy traffic. But most of the time, the downtime is very short. Or people can get in touch with their customer support and get the problem fixed fairly fast. It is said the problem is normally caused by their bandwidth balance program or backup program.

iPage customer service sometimes not professional enough

iPage, same as FatCow provides 24/7/365 tech support via toll free phone, email and online chat. Some users complained their tech support people sometimes are not professional enough. Your call might be transferred to different levels to handle. But overall, their customer service is very polite and normally your problem can be handled pretty fast even transferred to different levels.

So far, those two are two major complains for iPage. While I did research for complains, I also see some good things people are saying about iPage and FatCow. Let’s take a look as well.

Fast Setup and Solid Service

Like FatCow, iPage provides a very solid web hosting service. Not only they have all popular Linux web hosting features such as WordPress blog, ImageGallery, php Forum, but also they have osCommerce, AgoraCart and ZenCart for your eCommerce need. Their Fast Script Installer can help you to install these features in just several simple clicks.

Free domain

As I keep reminding people, when you host your website, there are two fees: monthly hosting fee you paid to your host provider and domain registration fee. Domain registration fee normally costs about $10 per year. Here if you host your website with iPage, you will get a free domain. Not much, but $10 is a saving. If you want to get more domains for your unlimited hosting account, I would suggest the biggest domain registration company GoDaddy.

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vDeck Vs. c-Panel

Most of people know c-Panel which is a software used to manage your hosting account. You can use it to manage your domain, create email account, and manage ftp accounts, data base, and your plug-in applications, pretty much everything you need. It is a very mature and popular software in hosting industry. However, there is a weakness about c-Panel. It always uses the first domain name you have as root folder for your hosting account. If you have another domain, the second domain physical folder will be under root folder which also means under your first domain folder. That sometimes may mess up your stuff if you are not careful. However, vDeck has a virtual root folder and make a sub folder for each domain. That way your files never overlap between domains. Other than that, vDeck is a pretty much a clone of c-Panel, and looks prettier. That is it.

Support Paypal

This is important for eCommerce website. With Paypal support, you can easily support not only papal, but also all other major debit card, credit card payment right away on your website.

No up-selling

This is another thing I like about iPage and FatCow. They don’t up-sell anything to you once you sign up. Nowadays, I think everyone has the experience about their email inbox full of all types of garbage emails, spasm. I really really hate that. Glad those guys from iPage and FatCow have their focus on providing a decent and solid web hosting service.


Overall, I would say iPage is a pretty decent web hosting company. With $4.50 pre month and free domain, I really don’t have much to complain about it. Plus the most important fact is that their service is professional and solid. I would strongly recommend them.

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