In general, we do NOT recommend iPower was founded in 1998 and it is actually one of the pioneers in web hosting industry. It was probably the biggest web hosting company 5 years back. However, back in 2007, it was bought by Endurance International Group and a lot of problems happened during their transition process. We know, web hosting is a very completive industry. Not long after the bought out, iPower was kinda left behind by other companies such as BigDaddy andHostgator.

So, iPower was surpassed by other companies not really because of iPower itself, but purely because of their business acquisition incident. Now, it seems they have fixed all their issues and is still a strong player in Web Hosting industry. However, after comparing their service, plan price, features and support quality, we still feel there are enough better companies and better plan over iPower Web Hosting. Without enough reason, why should I choose iPower? That is our main reason we do NOT recommend as a Web Hosting Service Provider. You can check out the detail comparison from the following two links:

Low Cost Linux Web Hosting Compare Table
Low Cost Windows Web Hosting Compare Table

The following are clients’ reviews. Based on those reviews, our short conclusion is:

If you just need a simple web hosting to blog, share pictures or open a forum, choose
or iPage.

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If you need a very professional Linux web hosting for CPA marketing, PHP or high traffic sites, chooseHostGator
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If you need a windows hosting plan to support ASP or ASP.NET, then go withGoDaddy, $4.99 plan, unbeatable.

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Cheap web hosting – at a price..

ipower is cheeeeep. But the average tech there doesn’t know diddley. You have to wait to get somebody who knows what they’re doing. And I mean wait. We’ve been with them for about 5 years. There were about 3 major outages that lasted a day or so. They give lots of space for the money. What the hell else do you want for 6.95 a month? It’s got php!!! And MySQL!!!

By Vinny at April 12nd 2011

Good Results.

We have used iPowerWeb for several years now for two businesses and have no no problems at all. We are small and do used the email services, but we have been pleased. The price is very reasonable.

By Joan Exner March 16th 2011

Too many mail outages.

I have a simple web page, hand-coded HTML to share some photos and a few other things. The site speed is usually acceptable, not good. The big problem I have with Ipower is email. Outages are too frequent and too long. Also, I’ve had outgoing email rejected because the IP address was reported as sending spam. I spent hours in chat with tech support to try to get them to resolve the problem, or even identify exactly where the problem was, and they never accomplished anything.

By Mark Jan 13rd 2011

pretty bad, cancelled after 2 years.

too much down time,very disappointed, can’t run online business if website is constantly down, reliability is most important cancelled their service after 2 years

By John Nov 4th 2010

Good and affordable Service.

The service that I receive from iPower has been great. I have one site hosted by iPower and have set up a client’s site through iPower as well. I have never had a problem with the company and when I have contacted customer support my problems were solved in a very timely manner.

By Evan Stewart Oct 10th 2010

Use to be excellent, now terrible. Find a different company..

I have used Ipowerweb for years. They use to be an excellent company with great customer service, a fast server (with fast upload), easy to use control panel until. Now they have horrible customer service (super long phone waits, and customer service doesn’t know what they are talking about and often refer you to other tech people), they push their online customer help where the service is even more confusing and lacks even the most basic knowledge. There server has become painful slow in teh last couple years and it often takes a minute to upload something as small as a JPEG, plus they no longer allow multiple uploads of files (now you have to do each file one-by-one), and their new control panel is difficult to use and poorly designed. This is what happens when a great company turns into a company that is only about the bottom line. It seems when they moved from California to Arizona is when everything changed for the worse.

By Charles July 8th 2010

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid..

I’ve been an iPower customer since 2001 and they have gone dramatically downhill over the last few years. The space and monthly bandwidth is excellent. Nowadays, though, the new servers are SSLLOOWW… it’s as though they’re channeling Twitter or something. Also, the tech support is nothing more than a crowd of retarded monkeys throwing poop at their keyboards. Seriously. It usually takes 3 hour-long phone calls and 20 emails to resolve an issue that they created (typically something wrong with their server).

By Rob March 5th 2010