In general, we do NOT recommend except when you need a Canadian web hosting provider. If your web site visits mostly are Canadian, then is a good choice, because MyHosting is a Canada based company. They have far better service in Canada. Otherwise,in US, is not worth the price.

Be honest, was a great web hosting company. But our study shows, in recent couple of years, their service has dropped and their price has hiked significantly, especially their windows platform web hosing plans, now is as high as $9.34 per month. With the service they provide, it is way over priced. You can check out the detail comparison from the following two links:
Low Cost Linux Web Hosting Compare Table
Low Cost Windows Web Hosting Compare Table
The following are clients’ reviews. Based on those reviews, our short conclusion is:
If you just need a simple web hosting to blog, share pictures or open a forum, choose

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If you need a very professional Linux web hosting for CPA marketing, PHP or high traffic sites, chooseHostGator
which is the all time best.

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If you need a windows hosting plan to support ASP or ASP.NET, then go withGoDaddy, $4.99 plan, unbeatable. clients’ reviews delivered on its promise

"Very well priced and reliable host. I use the web site for my client as well as some of my other businesses. I have nothing but good thing to say about them."

by Nova Johanson on 16 Apr 2011

Really happy with the service

"Overall, I’m really happy with the service. Their website is laid out intuitively and has been very easy to use.

Myhosting has always been very responsive whenever I’ve had an issue. "

Derek Wuenschirs on 14 Apr 2011

Poor performance and poor support response

"For the first 2 days I had my account there were firewall issues which took my site down, and for the last 7-10 days i’ve had intermittent Io issues with their Vps.

Virtuozzo might not be the greatest choice for managing storage bandwidth or other shared resources, (because its a shared kernel environment) but what’s really bad about this was the radio silence from their support team. All I got back were canned responses and after 4 days finally someone called me and confirmed the issue was exactly what I reported to them 4 days prior. They claimed that they would be monitoring this to prevent it from happening again. To no avail, it is still an issue, my sites are still very slow or down, and I can barely log into the servers.

I switched to myhosting from a BabyCroc shared account from HostGator and things actually got significantly *worse* if you can believe it.That should tell you all you need to know about myhosting’s Vps offering. days of downtime? poor support response? its not a good value no matter how cheap it is.

Greg Notch on 21 Mar 2011

You get what you pay for!

"I wanted a cheap hosting site and that’s exactly what I got. The hosting seems to be reliable but the backend isn’t user friendly and the tech support is incompetent.
You definitely have to have some idea of what you’re doing to navigate the control panel. They do have webinars to learn how to navigate it better but I’m sure most people wouldn’t take the time to watch them.
If you have an issue and have to contact customer support then all I can say is good luck. The first time I contacted them I received excellent support and the problem was resolved very quickly. Apparently they fired that guy because every other response I’ve received from them has been a canned response which didn’t answer my question.
If you are looking to save money this may be a good option but just be warned that if you have an issue it won’t be resolved quickly. "

Lyndie House on 21 Jan 2011

So far So good

"So far so good. Switched to them from Customer service is good. No complaits so far. Hopefully will stay this way. Customer Service reps speak fluent English, no India or Affrica reps. Very happy now. "

by Daniel Lerman on 10 Dec 2010:

Technical Support Average

"Technical support is incompetent. A simple request to make a directory writeable seems to be beyong their level of competence. The Application Valut system creates more problems than it is worth. I think if you use them on the basis that you will do everything yourself then that is probably the best way. Do Not Rely On Their Technical Staff. "

by Slade Beard on 16 Dec 2010:

Used to be good, now the service is dropping

I’m a web developer and have used myhosting extensively over the past ten years. Not only for myself but for numerous clients as well. This used to be a good service, but has dropped considerably in the last couple years. It’s mediocre at best, but closer to poor. The price is way too high and you get nothing for the additional cost. And many features, such as editing name servers, transferring domains, getting authorization codes etc, can’t be done online, and there’s virtually no documentation (except for migrating to

Lately, my clients and I have all experienced several problems with servers, website downtime, and email glitches. The customer support is extremely slow, and they keep having different people respond all asking the same questions over again.

by Eric on 10 Nov 2010: