Today in lunch time I and my friend Bill were talking about some cheap web hosting or blog hosting providers because he is going to be a daddy and he wants to create an online blog to write every step of his coming beautiful baby girl. I think that is super sweet idea. Especially if you can post some photos in your blog to share with your family, your friends all over the world, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Also Bill does not want to spend a lot of money on it plus he only knows some basic windows skill. So we discussed some low cost web hosting ideas. Here I want to share with you all too.

I have used several different web hosting providers in the past 5 years for blog hosting, online album hosting, php web hosting and web hosting.  Some of them are just trouble. But most of them are ok.  I think when comes to the question of choosing the right web hosting provider, it really depends on what you need to do with it. If you do a google search on “best web hosting“, you will see hundreds of results of “best web hosting“, “top web hosting“, “cheap web hosting“, “web hosting reviews” etc with many different rankings. But the trouble is the more you read, the more you will get confused. Because every report or review has their own #1 which is always different from the other’s. There are always good reviews and bad reviews for a web hosting provider. So, is there an “EASY SOLUTION” for choosing the right web hosting company?

Here I am trying to give you this “EASY SOLUTION”, or as easy as possible.

First, we are looking for a low cost, affordable web hosting provider. Low cost, I mean around $50 per year. Keep in mind: there are two fees to get your website hosted: web hosting fee and domain fee. In order to easily compare, I created two Low Cost Web Hosting Feature Compare table:

Unix/Linux/PHP Web Hosting Compare

Windows/ASP.NET Web Hosting Compare

As you can see above, there are basically two categories or platforms. Linux and Windows. Generally, Linux web hosting is cheaper than windows web hosting because a Linux server can normally host more users than a windows server.

So, if you just want to host blog, share albums or even create forums, go with Linux Web Hosting. Here are some extra tips to help you made decision on platform:

  • If you are doing CPA such as Amazon with blogs, go with Linux Web Hosting.
  • If you are a programmer and need PHP & MySql, then go with Linux Web Hosting.
  • If you are a windows .net programmer, go with windows Web Hosting.
  • If you want to build a online store, then you need to focus on eCommerce features on those Web Hosting providers, such as do they provide your shopping cart, do they support paypal, do the support SSL, do they have merchant account etc. You need to do a lot more homework than this blog.
  • Others, you need do more homework as well.

Again, in this post, let focus on Bill’s situation, low cost web hosting for about $50 per year with blog and album support.

Now, here is my “EASY SOLUTION”: I suggested him to use a Linux web hosting and I recommend to him. Here is why:

  1. now offers $3.96 per month with full wordpress and photo gallery support. You can’t beat this price. But also keep in mind: that is only the hosting fee. You also need to buy a domain. You can get a decent domain from normally for around $10. is not really good for Linux web hosting, but they are the biggest domain registration provider. That will make a total of $57.8 per year. According to the compare table, it is not the cheapest, but with’s superb service, no doubt I would rank it as top 1.
  2. Excellent service from their hosting and their customer service staff. You can dig a little more about their customer service by yourself online. You will find out, their customer service is second to none. If you place an order online, make sure you put a correct phone number. They will call you as soon as you click the place order button to confirm your order. They will process your order right after they call in. Normally you can login to set up your site in 15 minutes. Their customer service people answer emails/calls 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Many other companies claim the same, but did not really do it. 1 cent for first month

So, hopefully that is easy enough. They right now have a special going on which you only need to play 1 cent for first month to get you started. Another special is a 20% off coupons cut regular price from $4.95 to $3.96. Simply click the bar below to apply. 1 cent for first month

Again, here I assume your audiences are in United States. If your website audiences are in UK, you should consider first. If your website audiences are in Canada, consider first. For more why and each individual web hosting reviews, please find the latest review from compare table.